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Streamlined Interop with Applications:Streamline printing and publishing with the streamlined AutoCAD interoperability model and Interop using AutoCAD DirectDraw functions.Infinite Scratch (LSL) Technology:Use the new Infinite Scratch tool to add unlimited layers and complex geometry to your drawings without scaling or rasterizing.Catchup for SuperScaler users:Accelerate your rendering with the new Catchup technology, and accelerate rendering as new geometry and views are introduced.Graphically Intuitive Design:Our new LiveSketch tool features the world’s first tool-based sketching experience, with the simplest workflow for drawing and annotation. You can add color or special effects, and even add multiple views as you work.Drawing in Your Browser with WebGL and HTML5:Build next-generation WebGL-based applications that can run in any browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.Collaborate with Visio and Office Online:Stay productive on the web or in the cloud. Connect, co-author, or collaborate with Visio and Office Online using the latest cloud technology and the new Autodesk Cloud Architecture.A better CAD experience for teams:Simplify collaboration through the new option to share and synchronize drawings in the cloud.Extendable and Maintenance-Free Architecture:Create open and extensible applications without sacrificing maintainability. Your source code is flexible, and your application evolves over time.Extensible 3D Layouts:Easily connect CAD to other applications, or quickly create entirely new CAD applications by adapting existing CAD layers.Speed up your design process:Automatically locate shared parameters and give you the fastest access to design intent, whether your design needs to be created with manual or collaborative access.Top InnovationsEnhanced Experience for AutoCAD Cloud and AutoCAD LT (downloadable version) users:You can download and use AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Cloud concurrently. This means you’ll be able to use the latest features, but also continue to use the features from AutoCAD LT 21 and earlier.Cloud compatibility:Your Autodesk account can be a cloud-based account or a local installation. This means you can use the same set 2be273e24d


AutoCAD X64 (April-2022)

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