for the Built Environment

Capturing CO2
into Concrete

A powder additive that captures CO2 into
concrete allowing you to build low carbon
footprint concrete homes, buildings,
bridges, roads, and more.


putting Carbon
Capture in your

How to
use it?


Source CaptureCrete® Materials
as you would fly ash, slag, or other materials.


Blend and add CaptureCrete®
to concrete
at the point of manufacture.


Deploy CaptureCrete® concrete,
and generate carbon credits.

Why CaptureCrete®

Carbon Credits

VCUs may be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals associated with Carbon Limit’s CaptureCrete® since the project's start date.

For each documented CaptureCrete® application, high quality carbon credits of 1000+ year permanence are generated.
Carbon Limit’s  carbon credits are validated by the Bureau Veritas under Covalent’s Certificate Standard.

Recent Carbon Capture Projects using CaptureCrete®

Projects & Partnerships

TITAN: CO2 Capturing Blocks
TITAN: CO2 Capturing Blocks
TITAN: CO2 Capturing Blocks
TITAN: CO2 Capturing Blocks
TITAN: CO2 Capturing Blocks

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We're pioneering CO2 capturing, low
carbon footprint concrete solutions to
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licensing our innovative technology. Expand
your product line with sustainable concrete products that sets you apart in the market.

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Collaborate on Capturecrete® carbon capture projects projects that leverage our low carbon concrete solutions. Enhance your offerings and meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly construction.

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Carbon Credits

Invest in a greener future by forward purchasing carbon credits from us. Support environmental sustainability while meeting your company's carbon goals.

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